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Church of the St. Trinity in Nikitinov

About Church:

Nestled within the streets of the city’s Kitai-Gorod, and overshadowed by bland government buildings, stands one of Moscow’s loveliest churches. It is an exuberant melee of onion domes, decorative detail and contrasting colorss. Construction of the church, funded by the local merchant Grigory Nikitinov, was completed in 1653. In Soviet times the church was eventually converted into a museum. The interior has recently undergone extensive repair work. Inside, walls are decorated with 17th century religious frescoes by the famous Simon Ushakov.


(495) 698-34-51
(495) 698-26-43


Nikitnikov Pereulok, 3, (off Varvarka Street), Moscow, 109012
Nearest station: Kitai-Gorod

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